BioTreat™ Premium Diesel

BioTreat™ Premium Diesel (#141) provides the distributors of bio-blended fuels an effective means to insure product quality after the fuel has left their facility. For end users, BioTreat™ extends storage life and performance of the biodiesel blend they are using. BioTreat™ not only provides an effective answer to extend storage, but also upgrades standard Bx Blended fuels to a Premium Diesel. BioTreat™ can be used in any combination of biodiesel and diesel fuels.

Antioxidants for fuel stability

  • Increased oxidation stability
  • Stops formation of peroxides,
  • sludge and deposits during storage
  • Increased thermal stability to
  • resist thermal degradation.
  • Prevents rust and corrosion
  • in entire fuel system
  • Increases cetane
  • Cleans fuel system
  • Exceeds Cummins
  • L-10 Detergency
  • and N-14 Corrosion specs.
  • Improves fuel economy 5%
  • Controls moisture

Biodiesel reduces greenhouse gas emissions and supports rural agricultural economies, but untreated biodiesel will cause serious engine problems. Schaeffer Manufacturing has developed BioTreat™, an antioxidant additive that promotes biodiesel fuel stability and extended storability.

The manufacturing process for biodiesel removes the natural antioxidants in the fuel that protect it against oxidative degradation. Unprotected biodiesel that comes in contact with air and metal surfaces leads to decomposition and the formation of gums. These ‘gums’ cause poor combustion and clog injectors, pistons and fuel-filters. Oxidation stability of biodiesels is greatly increased by the addition of antioxidants.

The Rancimat test is a widely accepted method of measuring the oxidation stability of biodiesel. Freshly produced biodiesel may show oxidation stability, although this value will decrease over time under common storage conditions if no antioxidants are present. Therefore, it is critical that BioTreat™ is added as early as possible after the production of biodiesel to ensure optimal fuel stability.

The results of a recent Rancimat test illustrate the superior performance of BioTreat™.