Black Beauty Open Gear Lube

Black Beauty open gear compound is a synthetic blend, heavy duty, extreme pressure lubricant that offers superior performance in a variety of difficult applications including:

  • Open Gears
  • Ball Mills
  • Slides
  • Rod Mills
  • Guides
  • Pebble Mills
  • Dipper Sticks
  • Grinding & Bowl Mills
  • Racks
  • Trunnions
  • Drum Rings
  • Rotary Kilns & Dryers
  • Rails
  • Babbit Bearings
  • Rollers
  • Pins & Bushings

Compounded from a unique blend of high viscosity paraffin base oils and severely hydro-finished polyalphaolefin (PAO) synthetic base fluids, Black beauty will outlast conventional open gear lubricants and reduce consumption because of its resistance to heat, water, oxidation, and other extreme conditions.

The base oils and PAO synthetic base fluids used in Black Beauty have exceptional physical and chemical stability and serviceability over a wide range of temperatures and superior adhesive film forming characteristics that reduce “squeeze out” even to gears that are in vertical orientation.

A non-chlorinated volatile solvent additive further allows Black Beauty Open Gear Lube to stay soft and pliable over a long period of time even in cold weather. This viscous lubricant film will not harden, chip or flake and will not form a hard packed buildup in the roots of the gear teeth.

To further fortify the adhesive viscous lubricant film of the Black Beauty Open Gear Lube, a combination of molybdenum disulfide and various solid lubricants are compounded to improve the anti-wear, extreme pressure, and load carrying capabilities of the lubricant beyond those of conventional open gear lubricants and provide a load carrying ability in excess of 500,000 pounds per square inch. This combination also forms a protective layer that provides a cushioning effect between the contacting asperities of the gear teeth that minimizes pitting, spalling and cold welding of the mating gear teeth.
Black Beauty Open Gear Lube can be applied either manually or by a heavy duty automatic lube systems and comes in three formulations:

1. 300 Heavy –
temperature ranges of 5° to +100°F (-15° to -38°C)
2. 200 Medium –
temperature range of -15° to -50°F (-26° to 10°C)
3. 100 (Arctic) –
temperature range of -45° to -10°F (-43° to -23°C)*

*These temperature ranges are based upon a 75:1 dispensing pump ratio.

Caution: Due to the presence of a flammable non-chlorinated solvent Black Beauty Open Gear Lube should not be applied in areas where there is high heat or open flames.