Eaton Synthetic Gear Lubricants

Eaton Synthetic Gear Lubricants are thermally stable heavy duty extreme pressure synthetic gear lubricants specially formulated for use in all automotive gear d

rives, especially those that require an approved lubricant for Eaton®, Fuller Roadranger and Meritor (formally Rockwell International) extended warranties.

EP 80w-140 E/A (#740)
EP 75w-90 E/A (#741)

Synthetic Lube EP E/A Gear Lubricants are compounded from the finest quality synthetic base fluids available. These synthetic base fluids provide the Synthetic Lube EP E/A with the following advantages:

  • Excellent low temperature properties
  • Excellent resistance to oxidation and thermal degradation
  • High viscosity index
  • Increased gear and bearing wear protection and life, especially at low and high ambient and operating temperatures.
  • Extended oil drain intervals

Blended into these synthetic base fluids is a non-corrosive multi-functional additive package that provide the Synthetic Lube EP/ EA Gear Lubricants with extreme pressure and anti-wear properties to protect gears and bearings under a wide variety of operating conditions from excessive wear, premature bearing and gear fatigue, spalling, pitting and scoring. This additive package also provides the Synthetic Lube EP E/A Gear Lubes with rust and corrosion inhibiting properties and demulsibility characteristics.

Synthetic Lube EP E/A Gear Lubricants can be used in limited slip, positraction and high offset hypoid gear rear ends and differentials. Synthetic Lube EP E/A Gear Lubricants are approved by Eaton and Meritor Automotive Inc. (formerly Rockwell International) for their 750,000 mile extended warranty program.

Synthetic Lube EP E/A Gear Lubricants meet and exceed the following specifications and manufacturers requirements: API Service Classifications GL-5 and MT-1, Military Specifications MIL-L-2105D and MIL-PRF-2105E, Eaton Axle PS-037, PS-037, PS-163, PS-109 (75W-90), GO-J (80W-90), Navistar TMS 6816, Meitor Automotive O-76E (75W- 90), O-76-N (75W-90) O-76-B (80W-140) and O-80 (80W-140).


Synthetic Lube EP E/A Gear Lubricants are available in:

420lb. drums
120lb. kegs
040lb. pails

Gear wear performance:

Why can expect energy saving of $10 per HP

We’ve known for a long time that superior quality lubricants produce energy savings.
Energy costs are much higher than lubricant costs, so the savings from energy alone is usually ten times more than the additional cost of the lubricant.

These savings can be documented on your own plant equipment. Typically customers report savings over $10 per rated horsepower.