Glygo Torque Fluid

Glygo Torque Fluid is an anti-wear water glycol type fire resistant fluid that is designed for use in hydraulic systems operating up to 150-50°F and at system pressures of 2000 psi or greater.

It is a blend of water and polyalkylene and high molecular weight glycols. The water content of the Glygo Torque Fluid in 35%. Into this combination is further blended is a patented anti-wear additive package and additive system that provides it with the following performance benefits:

1. Excellent corrosion protection both in the liquid and vapor phase to the metals commonly used in hydraulic systems.
2. Exceptional anti-wear protection and lubricity.
3. Excellent ferrous and non-ferrous rust and corrosion protection.
4. Excellent resistance to oxidation and chemical breakdown.
5. Excellent resistance to thermal degradation.
6. Excellent vapor space inhibition.
7. Excellent anti-foam protection.
8. High reserve alkalinity.

Glygo Torque Fluid also contains a water soluble polymer that provides the fluid with exceptional viscosity-temperature properties. These exceptional viscosity-temperature properties result in maximum hydraulic efficiency and minimum difficulty in operating over a wide range of temperatures. Further, Glygo Torque Fluid posses excellent mechanical shear stability, which results in the Glygo Torque Fluid not being susceptible to viscosity breakdown under the severe mechanical shearing action of pumps, control valves and servovalves used in hydraulic systems.

Glygo Torque Fluid has excellent low temperature properties. These excellent low temperatures permit the hydraulic pumps to be safely started at temperatures as low as – 10 ° F/-23 ° C. In addition the Glygo Torque Fluid can be repeatedly frozen and thawed without any loss whatsoever in its homogeneity. The excellent low temperature properties in conjunction with the fluid’s high viscosity index provides the maximum fluid performance over a wide temperature range resulting in a minimization of pump problems on cold startup and assurance that the adequate viscosity and lubricity are provided during peak operating temperatures and conditions.

Glygo Torque Fluid is compatible with all hydraulic system metals with the exception of zinc, cadmium and nonadonized aluminum. Glygo Torque Fluid is also compatible with a wide variety of seal and gasket materials such as natural rubbers, Buna N, Buna S, Neoprene, Viton, Teflon, Silicone, Flurosilicone, Ethylene-Propylene and PNF. It is not however compatible with cork, paper, leather and synthetic fiber type seals.

All conventional type of hydraulic system filters with the exception of those employing diatomacous earth can be used with Glygo Torque Fluid. It is, however, not compatible with many conventional paints and coating systems commonly used in hydraulic sumps and reservoirs. As a general rule all paints and coatings should be removed from the interior reservoir or sump.
Glygo Torque Fluid is re actively nontoxic, harmless and does not irritate normal skin, when used in a properly operated hydraulic system. If the hydraulic system produces vapors or mists, proper ventilation should be provided or the mist should be avoided and steps should be taken to repair or modify the system to prevent misting.