Heat Transfer Oil

Heat Transfer Oil is a non-corrosive 100% paraffinic heat transfer fluid that is formulated to provide fast and efficient heat transfer when used in a closed system application with expansion tank temperatures up to 600°F (315°C).

Heat Transfer Oil is blended from the finest select high viscosity index severely solvent refined severely hydrotreated 100% pure paraffin base oils available. These 100% pure paraffin base oils allow Heat Transfer Oil to exhibit the following performance characteristics:

  • High Viscosity Index — This results in a minimum change in viscosity over a broad temperature range.
  • High Thermal and Oxidative Stability — This results in the product having resistance to cracking, carbon, sludge, varnish and lacquer formation during high temperature operation.
  • Low Volatility Characteristics — The low volatility of paraffin base oils not only results in not only lower makeup requirements, but also helps eliminate vapor lock in circulating pump and reduces the possibility of cavitation, which is destructive to centrifugal pump blades.
  • Flash and Fire Points Significantly Above 390°F (190.89°C)
  • and Auto-Ignition Temperature Above 608°F (320°C).
  • Besides these performance benefits Heat Transfer Oil also offers the following benefits:
  • High thermal efficiency for rapid and efficient transfer of heat.
  • Low vapor pressure at elevated temperatures and high boiling point to prevent pressure build-up.
  • Non-corrosive to system parts.
  • Excellent hydrolytic stability and resistance to emulsification with water.
  • Excellent compatibility with other petroleum base heat transfer oils.
  • Excellent compatibility with all types of seals, materials of construction and finishes commonly used in heat transfer systems.
  • Non-fouling on degradation.
  • Virtually odorless and essentially non-toxic.
  • Long service life for proven trouble-free operation.