Industrial Machine Lube

E.P. Industrial Machine Lube With Soluble Moly (#203A) is a non-drip, extreme pressure lubricant that is specially formulated for the lubrication of slide and way systems, bearing applications, enclosed gears and gear stamping and machine presses that require a light to medium viscosity extreme pressure gear lube, and other machine tools that require a general purpose extreme pressure oil.

E.P. Industrial Machine Lube With Soluble Moly is blended from the finest solvent refined, severely hydro-finished, high viscosity index, 100% pure paraffin base stocks available. These 100% pure paraffin base stocks provide E.P. Industrial Machine Lube With Soluble Moly with excellent oxidative and thermal stability and the ability to lubricate over wide temperature ranges.

Blended into these 100% pure paraffin base stocks is a non-corrosive multifunctional additive package which provides the #203B E.P. Industrial Machine Lube With Soluble Moly with the following performance features:

  1. Enhanced thermal and oxidative stability and durability to handle high operating temperatures.
  2. Excellent extreme pressure properties to protect parts from excessive wear, prevents premature bearing fatigue, gear scoring, spalling and pitting.
  3. Prevention of the formation of sludge and carbonaceous deposits that can erode seals and cause premature bearing and gear wear.
  4. Excellent oil seal compatibility.
  5. Excellent protection of components especially yellow metal components from rust and corrosion.
  6. Excellent demulsibility characteristics.
  7. Enhanced protection of copper, brass and bronze components from corrosion in dry conditions and in the presence of moisture.

The Problem

Most gearing is designed to perform under hydro-dynamic lubrication conditions. That is, a full film must separate the metal surfaces of the gears during operation. However, during periods of cold start-up or severe shock loads this film can be destroyed. Unless a boundary lubricant is present in the gear oil when this full film is destroyed, wear can take place.

The Schaeffer Solution

To prevent this wear Molybdenum Disulfide is further blended into the product. The Molybdenum Disulfide provides the boundary lubrication needed by plating to the metal surfaces. This plating action forms a long lasting solid lubricant film on the metal surfaces of the gears. This moly film will withstand pressures up to 500,000 pounds per square inch, thus reducing wear and extending equipment life.

Moly EP Industrial Machine Lube With Soluble Moly also contains anti-foam inhibitors, rust and corrosion inhibitors, tackiness additives and anti “stick slip” additives. It is, however, not recommended in those gearbox applications that employ the use of felt type filters or paper filters due to the tacky nature of this product.

EP Industrial Machine Lube With Soluble Moly meets and exceeds the following specifications and manufacturer’s requirements: Military Specification MIL-L-6086C, MIL-L-46017, API Service Classification GL-3 & GL-4, U.S. Steel 224, AGMA 250.04 and 251.02, David Brown S1.53101 Type E, DIN 51517 Part 3 (CLP), Cincinnati Milicron P-47, P-50, P-53, P-63, P-74.