MG Synthetic Plus Natural Gas Engine Oil

MG Synthetic Plus Natural Gas Engine Oil

Synthetic Plus Natural Gas Engine Oil SAE 15W-40 is a superior low ash multi-grade para-synthetic natural gas engine oil that is formulated for use in stationary 2-stroke and 4-stroke stoichometric and lean-burning natural gas engines and alternately fueled vehicles powered by compressed natural gas, liquefied natural gas or LPG.

Synthetic Plus Natural Gas Engine Oil SAE 15W-40 is blended from the finest quality hydro-treated polyalphaolefin (PAO) synthetic base fluids and high viscosity index solvent refined severely hydro-finished 100% paraffin base petroleum oils available.

Further blended into these synthetic blend base fluids, the highly advanced proprietary low ash performance additive package and shear stability viscosity index improver are two proven frictional modifiers, Micron Moly®, a liquid soluble type of Moly and Schaeffer Mfg’s own proprietary additive Penetro®. These two proven frictional modifiers once plated, the Moly forms a long lasting slippery tenacious lubricant film, which prevents the metal surfaces from coming into contact with each other. By preventing metal-to-metal contact, damaging frictional wear is prevented from occurring, leading to less downtime and longer equipment life.

Synthetic Plus Natural Gas Engine Oil SAE 15W-40 meets and exceeds the following manufacturers natural gas engine requirements: Caterpillar, Cooper Bessmer, Cooper-Enterprise, Cummins CES 20074, Detroit Diesel 7SE272, DeLaval, Dresser-Clark, Dresser-Rand, Mack John Deere, Superior and Waukesha.

This Synthetic Plus Natural Gas Engine Oil provides the following advantages:

  • Superior Cold Weather Startability and Operating Characteristics. This results in less friction and lubricant drag in the engine during cold weather start up.
  • Superior Oxidative Stability. Any oil, as it is increasingly exposed to high temperature operation, undergoes the process of oxidation; thus resulting in the oil’s thickening and buildup of acidic components. Prevention of oil oxidation is particularly important for today’s hotter running, low emissions engines. Because of the PAO’s and 100% paraffin base oil’s uniform and closed molecular structure, the process of oxidation is greatly reduced.
  • Excellent Resistance to Thermal Degradation.
  • Lower Volatility. This results in reduced oil consumption.
  • A High Natural Viscosity Index.
  • Extended Oil Drain Capability and Intervals.

Blended into the PAO synthetic base fluids and 100% paraffin base oils of both versions of #114 is a highly specialized performance additive package, that contain the proper balance of detergent, dispersant, rust and oxidation inhibitors and inhibitors and anti-wear additives to provide the following performance advantages:

  1. Excellent piston groove, land and skirt cleanliness.
  2. Elimination of piston and skirt varnish.
  3. Improved oxidation and nitration stability.
  4. A vast reduction in piston ring sticking.
  5. A reduction and modification of carbon deposits on piston crown, combustion chamber walls, spark plugs, cylinder walls, etc.
  6. Reduced piston, ring cylinder wall and bearing wear.
  7. Reduced bearing corrosion.
  8. Extended oil filter life.
  9. Longer spark plug life.
  10. Minimized combustion chamber ash accumulation and plug fouling.
  11. Catalytic converter compatibility.
  12. Excellent TBN retention. This allows for the products use in natural gas engines that are fueled by sour gas or fuel gas that contains up to 0.3% sulfur as hydrogen sulfide and small amounts of total organic halides such as chlorides.
  13. Superior valve train-wear protection.
  14. Excellent high temperature/high shear performance in order to provide excellent oil film thickness and engine protection at high operating temperatures and shear rates, while minimizing lubricant frictional resistance.
  15. Excellent thermal and oxidative stability and anti coking properties.
  16. Superior low volatility characteristics.
  17. Rapid circulation and good pumpability at low temperatures
  18. Increased engine life and reduced maintenance costs due to downtime.
  19. Longer oil drain capability.
  20. Increased engine durability and reliability.
  21. Excellent anti-foaming properties.

Blended into the PAO synthetic base fluids and 100% paraffin base oils of #114 MG is a highly specialized multifunctional performance additive package, that contains the proper balance of detergent, dispersant, rust and oxidation inhibitors and anti-wear additives and a highly shear stable viscosity index improver. This specialized multifunctional performance additive package includes the following performance advantages not shared by #114S:

  1. Excellent shear stability in order to stay in grade over the oils drain interval.
  2. Low Pour Point and Borderline Temperature Pumpability.