No Tack Synthetic

No Tack Synthetic Food Grease H-1 (#272) is a fully synthetic extreme pressure, anti-wear, high temperature grease that is specially formulated for use in the lubrication of food, feed and pharmaceutical processing and packaging equipment, especially where automatic lubrication systems require a nontackified lubricant.

No Tack Synthetic Food Grease H-1 can be used in the lubrication of ball, roller, journal and sliding bearing applications and chain applications, where there is a chance of incidental contact with food, foodstuffs, drinking water, potable water, or ground water may occur. This product is very effective in equipment designed for pelleting and particle size reduction. Applications such as feedmilling, oilseed extraction, recycling or other particle size reduction benefit from the advanced additives and base oils in Schaeffer’s No Tack Synthetic Food Grease H-1.

Synthetic Food Grade Grease H-1 is compounded from the highest quality, severely hydro-finished technical white Polyalphaolefin (PAO) synthetic base fluids available. Blended into the hydro-finished technical white PAO synthetic base fluids are a bentone base thickener, adhesive/cohesive additive and other selected performance additives. This formulation provides No Tack Synthetic Food Grease H-1 with the following outstanding performance features:

  • Excellent resistance to water washout and water spray-off
  • Excellent cold temperature starting and pumpability
  • Excellent shear and mechanical stability
  • Superior anti-wear and extreme pressure load carrying properties
  • Excellent rust and oxidation inhibiting characteristics
  • Excellent resistance to oxidation and thermal degradation
  • No dropping point
  • Excellent resistance to acidic compounds
  • Excellent resistance to wash out, pound out, splatter and squeeze out
  • 1Excellent ability to retain its consistency and resist separation of its
  • base oils.

Further blended into No Tack Synthetic Food Grease H-1 is a unique blend of USDA and FDA acceptable preservatives. These food grade preservatives provide the product with an effective way to control, inhibit and retard the growth of bacteria, yeast and molds that may come into contact with No Tack Synthetic Food Grease H-1 during use. These preservatives are not an antiseptic or sterilizing agent but do effectively prevent bacterial growth and control microbiological proliferation if the No Tack Synthetic Food Grease H-1 becomes contaminated during use.

No Tack Synthetic Food Grease H-1 has an operating temperature range of -40° to 260°C (-40 to 500°F).

No Tack Synthetic Food Grease H-1 meets the requirements for a USDA H-1 quality lubricant and the requirements of the United States Code of Federal Regulations 21CFR 178.3570, 178.3620(b), and 573.680 of the United States Food and Drug Administration’s Regulations.


#272 Synthetic Food Grade Gear Lube is available in:

420 lb. drums
120 lb. kegs
040 lb. pails

All drums and kegs are lined with plastic unless otherwise requested