Steam Cylinder Oil

Steam Cylinder Oil (#147) is a compounded extreme pressure lubricant that is recommended for use in high pressure wet or saturated content steam cylinder applications and worm gear applications.

Steam Cylinder Oil is blended from the finest high viscosity index solvent refined paraffin base stocks available. These paraffin base stocks provide Steam Cylinder Oil with the following characteristics:

  1. Excellent thermal stability.
  2. Excellent resistance to oxidation.
  3. A naturally high viscosity index.
  4. Excellent film strength.

Further blended into these paraffin base oils is a highly refined acidless tallow. This acidless tallow allows Steam Cylinder Oil to process the following characteristics:

  1. Excellent wetability.
  2. Excellent atomizing properties.
  3. The ability to cling to parts.
  4. Excellent lubricity to prevent wear.
  5. Extreme pressure capabilities.
  6. Excellent water separating capabilities.
  7. Non-corrosiveness to yellow metals such as copper, brass or bronze.
  8. Excellent heat resistance.

Steam Cylinder Oil also possess excellent foam resistance, and rust and corrosion protection properties.