Supreme™ 7000 Synthetic 2-Cycle Oil

Supreme 7000™ Synthetic Plus 2-Cycle Oil is a para-synthetic ashless 2-cycle oil that is Specially formulated to meet and exceed the performance needs of today’s high performance water cooled two cycle engines that specify the use of a 2-cycle oil that meets NMMA TC-W3.

Blended from the finest high-quality severely hydrofinished polyalphaolefin (PAO) synthetic base fluids and refined severely hydrofinished 100% paraffin base oils available, Supreme 7000™ Synthetic Plus 2-Cycle Oil is a concentrated ashless two-cycle additive package with the following performance advantages.

+ Superior detergency to prevent ring sticking and compression loss.
+ Superior lubricity to prevent scuffing and engine seizure.
+ Excellent protection against deposit induced preignition.
+ Superior resistance to formation of deposits that can cause
+ exhaust port blocking and the fouling of spark plugs.
+ A very high level of engine cleanliness.
+ Superior high temperature performance and protection for air-cooled engines that call for TC-W or TC-W II type 2-cycle oils.
+ Excellent rust and corrosion protection, especially during extended storage periods.
+ Excellent miscibility and fluidity.

Further blended into the package are two proven frictional modifiers Micron Moly® and Schaeffer’s own proprietary additive, Penetro 90®. Once plated, these two frictional modifiers form a tenacious, slippery, long-lasting lubricant film that prevents the metal surfaces from coming into contact with each other. This results in increased engine life and reduced maintenance costs.

Supreme 7000™ Synthetic Plus 2-Cycle Oil is pre-diluted for easy and fast mixing at all temperatures. It is well suited for use in gasoline, pre-mix and oil injected engines in all climates.

Supreme 7000™ Synthetic Plus 2-Cycle Oil meets and exceeds the NMMA TC-W3 category and is recommended for use in all types of water cooled two-cycle engines.