Tank Dry

Tank Dry is a moisture inhibiting fuel additive that is formulated for use in all types of diesel fuels. When added to the diesel fuels at the recommended treatment ratio, Tank Dry will provide the following performance benefits:

  • Elimination of moisture and water buildup in storage tanks.
  • Prevention of the formation of stable fuel-water emulsions.
  • Dispersion of water in diesel fuel in order to prevent fuel icing and other problems associated with water.
  • Protection against storage tank rust and corrosion.

Tank Dry also contains a corrosion inhibiting and lubricity additive system. It is registered with and meets the EPA’s requirements for blending into diesel fuels. When used at the recommended treatment ratio, Tank Dry will not cause a measurable effect on the cetane index or aromatic content of the diesel fuel.

Treatment Ratio:
One gallon of #301 Tank Dry to 1000 gallons of diesel fuel.