Tap Shield

Tap Shield is a balanced, water miscible, highly fortified extreme pressure tapping compound that is designed for difficult tapping operations where excellent adhesion and clinging are required. Tap Shield is recommended for a wide range of tapping operations from hand tapping, blind holes, and deep vertical holes to high production automatic jobs on all types of metals including aluminum, stainless steel, nickel alloys, copper, brass, exotic alloys and cast iron.
Tap Shield contains a special combination of temperature and pressure sensitive additives that allows the product when applied directly to the tap by brushing or dripping to provide the following performance features and benefits:

  1. Excellent lubricity to extend tap life and eliminate chip welding, tap burning and tap breakage.
  2. Production of accurate threads on a wide variety of metals.
  3. Will not harden to a dry residue thus eliminating subsequent operations to remove reside.
  4. Excellent cooling and lubrication that produces high quality surface finishes.
  5. Rapidly dissipates heat
  6. Extended tool, die and tap life
  7. Compatible with existing cutting fluids
  8. Biostable and bio-resistant
  9. Will not stain aluminum, copper, brass or bronze.
  10. Mild non-offensive odor
  11. Will not smoke